Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the WAND system work through all types of composite repair?

The system works with a range of composite repairs including glass, aramid composite repair, uni-directional and bi-directional carbon. However, the system is not compatible with thicker layers of quasi-isotropic carbon fibre repair. This is because quasi-isotropic (QI) carbon fibre behaves as an electromagnetic shield and prevents the electromagnetic signal from the probe getting through to the sensor.


What is the maximum thickness of composite repair that the WAND system works on?

The system can typically work through 20-30mm of composite repair.


How are the sensors attached to a surface?

The sensors can be attached to the structure using an adhesive using a ratchet strap or, if conditions allow, with a vacuum. Full details are available from Inductosense.


Is there any necessary surface preparation?

It is preferential to sand down the surface to the bare metal with <60 micron roughness and to clean it with acetone prior to installation. The area that needs to be sanded is the area that the central region of the sensor is applied to and is 5mmx15mm.


Can the system be customised for thicker layers of material?

Yes, Inductosense has a complete system model and in-house design process which enables optimisation of the system for applications requiring different reading distances (separation between sensor and probe) and operating frequencies. Primarily, the size of sensor defines the reading distance.


What type of insulation does the WAND system work through?

The WAND system can work through majority of insulations such as Calcium silicate, wool and Nomex. Due to the conductive nature of metal, the WAND system does not work through metallic weather jacketing and in this case a non-metallic window needs to be over the sensor.


What is the ‘inspected/monitored’ area of inspection by the WAND?

This is the area directly beneath the central element of the sensor and is 5mmx15mm.


Is there a software application available to view archive monitoring data over time?

Yes, this is provided with the WAND Evaluation System


How long does the application or installation process take?

If the room temperature adhesive is applied the process takes around 10mins in total.

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