Inductosense and Antaixin partner to run trials with WAND in China

Inductosense and Antaixin partner to run trials with WAND in China

Inductosense Limited (Inductosense) and Beijing Antaixin Technology Company (Antaixin) are pleased to announce a partnership and the start of trials of the Inductosense WAND system in China.

The WAND sensors will be trialled on 100+ locations across different areas of the Sinochem refinery in Quanzhou with the aim of demonstrating their suitability in different corrosion monitoring applications and also integration with the workflow of Antaixin’s NDT engineers. The management from Inductosense and Antaixin met to kick off the project At Antaixin’s facility in Quanzhou, China this week.

Dr. Matt Butcher from Inductosense commented “we are very happy to be working with Antaixin. They have a deep knowledge of refineries, where internal corrosion can occur, and ultrasonic non destructive testing which really complements the WAND product offering.”

Mr Liu from Antaixin commented “WAND product is advanced by its simple installation, fast measurement, reliable data and effective cost. We have confidence in the team of inductosense and we believe that combining the our experience and Inductosense knowledge, the system will become a revolutionary technology for ultrasonic thickness measurement”

About Antaixin

Antaixin provides professional technical consultancy, inspection services, maintenance services and project management for asset integrity. Antaixin has comprehensive experience and knowledge in corrosion loop analysis, corrosion prevention planning and training, structure failure mechanism analysis, corrosion inspection and monitoring, and overall project management.

About Inductosense

Inductosense offers wireless, battery-free sensing solutions for asset integrity. The WAND system from Inductosense consists of (i) compact, permanently installed passive ultrasonic sensors for wall thickness monitoring, (ii) a handheld data collector for providing power to sensor remotely and acquiring the data and (iii) analysis software.


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