Composites expert, Dr. Faye Smith, joins the Board of Inductosense

Composites expert, Dr. Faye Smith, joins the Board of Inductosense

Dr Faye Smith

Inductosense is pleased to announce that Dr. Faye Smith, has been appointed to the board as a non-exec director.  Faye has over 20 years of experience working at senior management level across industry, academia and government in a range of industry sectors, and has deep expertise in composites.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Faye to the board” says Dr. Matt Butcher, CEO of Inductosense “This comes at a time where we are looking to diversify into other market sectors for corrosion monitoring and to commercialise our sensing technology for composites applications. Faye has the experience, skills and network to help us achieve this and accelerate our growth”

Faye is the Director of Avalon Consultancy Services Ltd, working with senior-level management and technical decision-makers on a number of projects, ranging from business technology strategy development, R&D, inward investment and professional development, across a range of industry sectors including aerospace, oil and gas, marine, automotive and renewables. Her area of particular speciality and knowledge is composites. She is also a director and Vice Chairman of CompositesUK – the trade association for the UK composites supply chain, which acts to encourage continuous growth and development of the industry promoting the best practice use of composite materials.



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