Inductosense develops the ECHO200 and ECHO400 Extension, for inaccessible thickness monitoring locations

Inductosense develops the ECHO200 and ECHO400 Extension, for inaccessible thickness monitoring locations

Following the success of the shorter length ECHO100 solution, Inductosense has developed longer ECHO extension cables, now available in 2 metre and 4 metre lengths. The flexible and robust ECHO cable is easily and quickly installed: one end of the extension cable is installed over a WAND thickness monitoring sensor (TMS), the other end is located at a more accessible point for data acquisition.  The WAND data collector then wirelessly provides power and collects a signal from the TMS sensor via the ECHO extension cable.

Inductosense designs and manufactures corrosion monitoring solutions to suit a range of applications. The patented, ultrasonic WAND system enables highly cost-effective internal corrosion monitoring of pipework and vessels. It is based on battery-free, thin, wireless sensors that can be embedded underneath coating or insulation. Anyone can acquire accurate, repeatable measurements with the press of a button. WAND has been deployed with major operators on a global scale, supporting companies in achieving their net zero and digitisation objectives.

The ECHO eliminates a range of accessibility challenges for customers: allowing wireless data acquisition underneath a layer of material such as insulation, cladding, jackets, and repairs, as well as providing access to TML’s in hard to access locations, such as beneath ground, or away from inspector access points.

CTO and founder of Inductosense, Dr. Cheng-Huan Zhong, said “The ECHO is a simplistic design but very impactful for our customers.  In addition to the key benefits of the WAND technology, the ECHO200 and ECHO400 further reduce the need for specialist personnel onsite to obtain thickness measurement data at height, under jackets and insulation. Feedback from customers regarding our shorter ECHO45 and ECHO100 product has been overwhelmingly positive and longer lengths are regularly requested. We are pleased to now be rolling out this new product and excited to be providing further cost and time savings to our customers”

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