Inductosense Partners with Beckett Integrity Solutions to Support Digital Transformation Drive in Alaska & Canada

Inductosense Partners with Beckett Integrity Solutions to Support Digital Transformation Drive in Alaska & Canada

UK based Inductosense designs and manufactures ultrasonic sensor technologies for internal corrosion & erosion monitoring. Their patented WAND solution is the most cost-effective permanent corrosion monitoring solution on the market.  In response to a surge in enquiries from Alaska and Canada, Inductosense has partnered with Beckett Integrity Solutions to support efforts in the region.

Beckett Integrity Solutions is led by Alan Beckett, formerly of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company the operator of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Alan is an award winning and highly respected welding engineer, with almost 45 years’ experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, specialising in arctic environments. The Alaskan and Canadian markets have been investing heavily in digital transformation, but as with other markets digitization varies: some operators rely solely on conventional ultrasonic testing whilst others have adopted real-time technologies.  Alan’s mechanical integrity insights will bolster customer support with novel technology applications in the arctic and sub-arctic regions, optimising the deployment of fixed ultrasonic sensors with the WAND solution to achieve maximum OPEX cost benefit for Inductosense customers, regardless of where they are on their digitisation journey.

Alan said, “Inductosense has achieved great traction in markets across the world, I am a keen advocate of using fixed ultrasonic sensors with the WAND technology for corrosion monitoring at remote facility locations. I am very confident that the Alaskan & Canadian markets will be hugely receptive to WAND and the cost-effective value it brings to corrosion monitoring in their operations.”

CEO of Inductosense, Dr. Matt Butcher, said “In recent months we have observed an increased demand for our products as customers progress towards digitized NDT solutions that require less personnel on assets. We are focused on working with our customers to navigate these unique challenges. Alan’s significant specialist expertise and industry experience in Alaska & Canada will strengthen our customer-centric approach”


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