Inductosense provides access to hard to reach areas for internal corrosion monitoring

Inductosense provides access to hard to reach areas for internal corrosion monitoring

Inductosense Ltd is a Bristol, UK based company supplying corrosion monitoring solutions. The Inductosense WAND system is an ultrasonic testing (UT) solution for accurately measuring wall thickness and the rate of wall loss through corrosion or erosion. It offers the potential for predictive maintenance and optimising asset integrity.  Inductosense has successfully pioneered a wireless and battery-free family of UT sensors for permanent installation on assets.  These ultra-thin sensors are activated up by inductive coupling from a handheld data collection probe giving instant thickness reading. The technology resolves some of the issues associated with conventional inspection around access, accuracy and repeatability.

Inductosense’s new products address the cost, time, safety issues and disruption associated with removing insulation and working at heights to acquire an ultrasonic thickness measurement.


With the ECHO45 the sensor activation point can be offset

The ECHO45 is an extension cable enabling operators to offset the measurement location (the point at which the sensor is activated) from the installed sensor location.  The cable is <0.1mm thin, flexible and can be positioned through the joins in the outer metallic jacket of the insulation. One end is positioned above the sensor (which can be installed underneath a coating on the pipe), the other end connected to the outer jacket.  

Sensors often have to be installed in hard to reach areas such as underneath pipe supports, under coatings or layers of insulation.  The ECHO45 gives operators easier access to measurement locations and prevents the considerable disruption associated with removing outer layers to take a measurement. Removing insulation is time consuming and costly and can also contribute to external corrosion (corrosion under insulation or CUI).  The ECHO45 has been specifically designed to defeat these challenges.

A graphical representation of the use of ECHO45 to defeat the insulation challenge (left) and deployed in a refinery to monitor pipes covered with metal clad insulation (right).



The REACH400 is an accessory for use with the WAND technology. Made from light weight durable materials, the REACH400 is a robust yet easy to use, telescopically extending pole to aid data collection from sensors installed in hard to access areas.  The REACH400 is equipped with a docking cradle for use with any WAND handheld data collector.  This system gives operators an extended ‘reach’ of up to 4 meters.

REACH400 being used to take thickness measurements from the safety of a gantry. Measurements can be taken in seconds by a single person working from a position of safety.

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