Inductosense Sets Their Sights on the Oil & Gas Market With First Aberdeen Appointment

Inductosense Sets Their Sights on the Oil & Gas Market With First Aberdeen Appointment

Inductosense Ltd., a Bristol based Ultrasonic Sensor Company, has added to their growing team with their first appointment in Scotland. The new addition comes at a time of significant growth for the cutting-edge technology developer, who secured £1.35m investment from a consortium of investors in 2017. Inductosense now has a 12-strong team across the U.K. and is establishing a business presence world-wide. The company is currently working with a number of major companies on trials with an initial focus on monitoring assets across the Oil & Gas industry.

Inductosense has developed state of the art ultrasonic sensors for monitoring corrosion and erosion. The Wireless and Non-Destructive Evaluation System (WAND) provides clients with a significant reduction in the cost and downtime associated with conventional permanent monitoring. This breakthrough technology was developed over several years by experts in the field of Ultrasonics and Non-Destructive Testing; Dr. Chenghuan Zhong, Dr. Anthony Croxford and Prof. Paul Wilcox. The WAND sensors are battery-free, wireless and compact which allows for them to be installed permanently on a structure or product. The sensors are entirely passive, the power and signal are provided remotely by non-contact inductive coupling from a handheld measurement probe.  This provides instant readings even if the structures are beneath a layer of material or coating – a seamless and cost-effective process that requires no specialist expertise.

With a predicted 300% increase in turnover for the next financial year, Inductosense has ambitious growth objectives. The business recognises the wealth of opportunities in the North Sea and, with confidence in the industry’s ongoing recovery, Kim Ironside has been appointed as Business Development Manager based out of the company’s new Aberdeen office. Kim strengthens the business development team and brings extensive Oil & Gas expertise to the team, strong commercial acumen, project management excellence and business development expertise that will enhance growth across the company.


Kim said, “I have worked within the Oil & Gas Industry for a number of years and observed several challenging fluctuations in oil price. We are now in a position whereby businesses must adapt, and develop more streamlined practices, to navigate such a challenging market.  Inductosense recognises this need and has developed more reliable, simplistic and cost-effective technologies to support clients. I have joined the team primarily to support business growth in the North East, however, Inductosense has been fortunate in that the technology speaks for itself – several key industry players approached the team and have since undertaken successful trials.  I am very excited by Inductosense’s technology and believe the company’s team of experts, and its dedication to R&D, will prove to be a significant asset in industry.”

CEO of Inductosense, Matt Butcher, said “Over the past year we have had great success in development of technology and commercial deployment of sensors. This is an important period of growth for Inductosense and we are delighted to welcome Kim to the company, she brings new specialist expertise and industry experience – a valuable asset for the business and our clients”

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