Inductosense WAND sensors are now ATEX and IECEx certified

Inductosense WAND sensors are now ATEX and IECEx certified

Inductosense has gained ATEX & IECEx certification for its standard sensors in response to client demand across the energy industries.  Founded in 2015, the Bristol based company has developed the latest evolution of ultrasonic sensors for integrity monitoring: corrosion is a dangerous and costly issue affecting virtually all industries. The Inductosense wireless and non-destructive ultrasonic sensors (WAND) use wireless data delivery to monitor for metal loss from corrosion or erosion. With well-defined cost, quality and safety benefits for the end user, ATEX and IECEx certification was the next step to ensure Inductosense clients achieve the highest level of operational excellence.


WAND technology was developed over several years by experts in the field of Ultrasonics and Non-Destructive Testing; Dr. Chenghuan Zhong, Dr. Anthony Croxford and Prof. Paul Wilcox. The WAND sensors are battery-free, wireless and compact which allows for them to be installed permanently on a structure or product. The sensors are entirely passive, the power and signal are provided remotely by non-contact inductive coupling from a handheld measurement probe.  This provides instant readings even if the structures are beneath a layer of material or coating – a seamless and cost-effective process that requires no specialist expertise.

To achieve ATEX certification, the ultrasonic sensors underwent rigorous testing to guarantee that the product would work safely in hazardous environments.  Inductosense WAND sensors have certification    II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (-40°C < Ta < +130°C)

To view the certificates click on the links below. If you require further information please contact

ATEX Certificate

IECEx Certificate


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