Our innovative REACH solution allows ultrasonic thickness measurements to be taken at heights of up to 4m, thereby potentially eliminating the need for scaffolding or ropes.

Monitoring at height

A key limitation of conventional ultrasonic testing (UT) is the need for scaffolding and/or ropes in order to take ultrasonic thickness measurements at height. Setting up scaffolding is time-consuming and often excessive for a small number of thickness measurement locations (TMLs). Moreover, ropes require specially trained personnel to use, which can lead to an increase in costs as well as the number of personnel required on-site at one time.

Inductosense has developed the REACH solution, which is an extendable pole accessory for the WAND handheld data collector. It can be readily attached to the WAND and allows ultrasonic thickness measurements to be acquired from TMS sensors of heights up to 4m.Contact us! Our Team will help you.

Connects easily to the WAND handheld data collector
Lightweight and durable
Adjustable lengths of up to 4m

How it works:

1. Install

Install TMS-Sensor at the desired monitoring location.

2. Connect

Connect the WAND data collector to the REACH.

3. Monitor

Take regular measurements of the monitoring location, without the need for scaffolding or rope access.