Thickness monitoring remotely

The WAND system can be used to cost effectively acquire ultrasonic thickness data in remote and hard to reach areas 

Taking ultrasonic thickness readings in remote or difficult to access areas can be a logistical and cost-intensive challenge for operators. Traditionally specialist NDT inspectors need to be transported to site, such as an oil rig, to take measurements. On top of the inspection costs there are costs associated with transport, bed space, permits and also accessing structures - scaffolding, removal of coatings, insulation..

Using the WAND-HDC thickness data can be acquired quickly and repeatably by non-specialist staff already on the asset. The sensors can be used under coatings, the ECHO accessory can be used for monitoring under insulation, and the REACH accessory can be used to take measurements off platforms at at height.

The WAND-RDC can be used to automatically acquire thickness data remotely from installed sensors at a pre-defined schedule. The data is then collected wirelessly at a distance of up to 200m away. Therefore keeping personnel out of harm's way.

WAND-RDC with sensor installed under coating