Our Products

WAND technology is an embeddable wall thickness monitoring system that enables accurate, repeatable measurements at a fraction of the cost and time of alternative methods.

The WAND product range is modular, providing solutions that enable our customers to digitise their data, whether they require manual or remote data capture.

WAND Sensors

The WAND ultrasonic sensors are thin, battery-free and can be permanently installed to the surface of pipework and vessels. When a data collector is brought close by the sensors can be activated to provide accurate, reproducible thickness readings.  Each sensor has a unique RFID for traceability and automated data management. 

- Low-profile and embeddable

- Battery-free – wirelessly powered up by the WAND data collection hardware

- ATEX/IECEx approved for Zone 0

- Install in a matter of minutes: sand surface, apply adhesive, secure, and then coat

- Each sensor comes with its own unique RFID

Our Data Collectors

Handheld Data Collector

The WAND Handheld Data Collector (WAND-HDC) is an easy-to-use handheld tool that wirelessly powers up and then collects a thickness reading from a WAND Sensor when it is in close proximity. The interface displays the wall thickness, the ultrasonic A-scan and the sensor RFID information. The WAND is designed so that anyone can take an ultrasonic thickness measurement in the field, with the simple press of a button.


Remote Data Collector

The WAND Remote Data Collector (WAND-RDC) is an intrinsically safe, battery-powered device designed to be used with up to 8 WAND sensors. The WAND-RDC can be programmed to collect ultrasonic thickness data from the sensors at predefined intervals. It can then be retrieved wirelessly, using Bluetooth5.0 at up to 200m, making it ideal for difficult-access locations. Using the Inductosense iDART software the data can then be transferred to the cloud.


Software and Accessories


The ECHO is  designed to work with WAND sensors to extend the measurement position for the data collector. One end of the ECHO can be applied above the preinstalled WAND sensor (over the sensor coating), and the other end becomes the new data collection location. The ECHO is ideal for difficult-access locations such as underneath insulation, confined access, or at heights up to 4m. The ECHO comes in a variety of set lengths: 45cm, 100cm, 200cm and 400cm


The REACH is an extendable accessory for the WAND handheld data collector. It can be readily attached to the WAND so that data can be collected from WAND sensors installed at heights up to 4m.


The Inductosense Data Analysis and Reporting Toolkit (iDART) is a cloud-based software package for use with the Inductosense WAND system. i-DART enables configuration of the WAND data collectors, as well as management, analysis and export of the WAND ultrasonic thickness data.