UK based Inductosense to support Sinochem with corrosion monitoring digitization.

UK based Inductosense to support Sinochem with corrosion monitoring digitization.

Inductosense has been awarded a contract from state-owned oil and chemicals giant Sinochem Group to install over 650 WAND corrosion monitoring sensors at their new petrochemical facility in Quanzhou, China. The newly constructed facility is part of Sinochem’s drive to expand operations into the petrochemical sector; the Quanzhou refinery will process an additional 60,000 bpd.

Sinochem fully validated the Inductosense WAND system following a successful trial in 2019.  Working collaboratively with Beijing Antaixin Technology Co. Ltd (AnTaiXin), Inductosense reduced the cost and time associated with inspecting inaccessible locations at height and under insulation.

This second phase WAND deployment will see AnTaiXin and Inductosense collaborate to deliver through-life inspection at the new facility.  The sensors will be installed on a range of structures, acquiring repeatable, accurate and reliable thickness measurement data.

Principal corrosion engineer, GaoJu Ran at Sinochem said “Inductosense and AnTaiXin have demonstrated a new cost-effective way to carry out high-quality monitoring. This closes the gap between the inspection and monitoring and tackles the monitoring locations where conventional inspection techniques struggle to access”

In addition to the single point corrosion rate prediction, the data from this large volume deployment of WAND sensors will provide a different dimensional analysis of corrosion activities on site, allowing AnTaiXin and Inductosense to generate a corrosion rate map.

CEO of Inductosense, Dr Matt Butcher said “It’s fantastic to see major operators like Sinochem investing in larger volume deployments of WAND.  This second phase will deliver an overall picture of corrosion activities, particularly relating to process change, which is a game changer for operators looking to optimise their asset integrity efforts.”

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