The WAND handheld data collector can be used by anyone on the asset to cost-effectively collect accurate, repeatable ultrasonic thickness data from installed sensors.


The WAND-HDC system provides an alternative approach to internal corrosion and erosion monitoring. There are 3 elements to the system (i) thin wireless, battery-free, embeddable ultrasonic sensors (ii) a handheld data collector and (iii) software for analysis:

TMS Sensors

Ultrasonic thickness sensors

Ultrasonic thickness sensors that are permanently installed to the surface of pipework and vessels using adhesive.

Battery-free - wirelessly activated

Ultrathin: easily embeddable & lightweight

RFID tagged

ATEX/IECEx certified (ATEX: Ex ia IIC T4...T3 Ga)


Handheld data collector

Handheld tool that wirelessly collects thickness measurements from the TMS sensors

  User interface displays ultrasonic A-scan, thickness and location information

  Easy to use – anyone can take a measurement, which reduces demand for specialist personnel

  Acquire a measurement in seconds


Data management software

Software for remote management of the data collected from the sensors

Manage all sensor measurements remotely

Analyse ultrasonic A-scans and determine corrosion/erosion rates

Export reports and raw data

How it works

An electromagnetic signal is transmitted by the WAND, which activates the sensor. When activated, the sensor generates an ultrasonic pulse, which then gets reflected off the back wall of the structure being examined. An electromagnetic signal is sent back by the sensor, which gets received by the WAND. The WAND calculates the material thickness using either: the delay between the first and second ultrasonic echoes, or the delay between the initial ultrasonic pulse and the first received ultrasonic echo.

Each sensor comes with an associated RFID to enable location tracking. The WAND is equipped with an RFID reader which scans for the sensor RFID when a measurement is taken and automatically assigns the thickness value to the sensor RFID number.


We provide accessories to complement the WAND system. These have been designed to help overcome access issues:


Our innovative solution for taking measurements through insulation.


An extension pole for the WAND to enable measurements at height.