What We Offer

Our systems consist of permanently installed, RFID tagged, wireless, battery-free sensors, a data collection probe to wirelessly activate the sensor, and a software package for analysis and data management.

WAND: Wireless, battery-free, permanently installed sensors for thickness measurements.

Inductosense's accurate thickness measurement solution where internal corrosion or erosion is anticipated uses compact permanently installed sensors to give repeatable measurements from sensors.

TRND: Permanently installed sensors for thickness measurements in high temperature environments

Built on the high-temperature HotSenseTM transducer from Ionix Advanced Technologies the TRND system offers a permanent thickness monitoring solution for temperatures up to 350oC

R&D to meet the needs of specific applications, training and support services

Inductosense has a team of engineers all with ultrasonic NDT experience and have the capability to develop the WAND technology to meet the needs of specific application. We also offer training on installations and engineering support.