R&D and Services

As a spin-out from the University of Bristol we have a strong focus on R&D. Our team of PhD qualified ultrasonic NDT engineers and electronics engineers have the capability to customize the technology for customers alongside our own developments. We also offer support and training.

Contract R&D

We can develop the WAND technology to meet the needs of specific applications. For example, the technology can be tailored to larger probe-sensor distances, different ultrasonic frequencies, various types of structure. The IDM software can be developed for integration with other asset management systems or different reporting formats. We also have  expertise in the development of passive ultrasonic guided wave sensors for use in composites as well as monitoring the average wall thickness along metallic structures.

Please contact us to discuss your application.

On the horizon

We are keen to work with partnering companies on early trials of our new developments. Our developments include:

  • different types of ultrasonic battery-free sensors
  • methods of data collection using unmanned vehicles, wireless networked devices and an extendable handheld data collector
  • Adding functionality to the IDM software.

Support and training

Correct installation of the WAND sensors is essential in order to provide reliable ultrasonic thickness measurements over time. We offer training on the installation of sensors and can also provide engineering support during trials.