The Wireless And Non Destructive (WAND) system can be used for monitoring of internal corrosion or erosion on pipework or vessels. The system utilises battery free, compact sensors that are wirelessly activated using a handheld data collector. Accessories are available for accessing sensors under thicker insulation or at a distance away. The IDM software can be used for management, analysis and trending of the data.

TMS Sensors

Proactive maintenance decisions informed by reliable trend data from permanently installed wireless sensors

The intrinsically safe TMS Sensors can be permanently attached to structures using an adhesive to measure wall thickness. The sensors are compact, have no wires or batteries and can be installed quickly in exposed or hard to reach locations. They can even be installed underneath layers of material such as coatings, insulation or composite repairs and operated through the material.

The sensors are tagged with an RFID so that measurements are taken from exactly the same location each time. A coating is also supplied with the sensor for environmental  protection.

WAND Data Collector

Data collection from installed sensors with the press of a button

The WAND Data Collector is a battery operated hand held device that when placed near to the TMS sensor provides the power and acquires the ultrasonic thickness data and associated RFID data. The ultrasonic A-scan is displayed on the screen along with the calculated thickness and RFID.

An accurate, repeatable ultrasonic thickness measurement can be taken within less than a second with the press of a button. There is no need for coupling gels or accurate alignment, and the human error is eliminated the measurement process.

IDM Software

Cut downtime and unplanned stoppages with data driven decision making

Effective decision making concerning asset integrity requires accurate data and historical trend analysis. The IDM software combines an intuitive interface with sophisticated signal processing to display captured data by sensor.

The software lets you interrogate the original A-scan of a particular reading for a sensor or a collection of readings for a TMS sensor or group of sensors over a given period of time. This analysis of data trends from permanently installed sensors can drive proactive decision making.

ECHO Extension Cables

Activate sensors under insulation 

The ECHO  can be combined with a TMS sensor so that the measurements can be acquired with the WAND data collector at a distance away or through thicker layers of insulation with a metallic outer jacket.

One end of the ECHO is positioned above the TMS sensor (which may be installed under a coating layer). The cable is 0.14mm thick and can be fed through a join in the insulation jacket and sealed to prevent water ingress. The other end of the ECHO is fixed to outside of the insulation jacket with the RFID and used to wirelessly connect to the WAND data collector. Standard ECHOs are available in lengths of 45cm or 100cm and custom variants are available up to 8m.


Reach sensors at height or a distance away 

The REACH400 is an accessory for use with the WAND technology. Made from lightweight durable materials, the REACH400 is a robust yet easy to use, telescopically extending pole to aid data collection from sensors installed in hard to access areas. The REACH400 is equipped with a docking cradle for use with any WAND handheld data collector. This system gives operators an extended ‘reach’ of up to 4 meters.