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Inductosense has identified the key challenges when it comes to internal corrosion & erosion monitoring for asset integrity. We have combined our ultrasonic technology expertise with our hands-on engineering experience, to develop a truly innovative, versatile corrosion monitoring solution that is being used across a range of industries

Internal corrosion and erosion monitoring

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Internal corrosions & erosions is one of the greatest challenges asset operators face. It is key that internal corrosion & erosion is monitored effectively to minimize risk and maximise output.

The WAND system can be applied across a range of industries where internal corrosions/erosion of pipework and vessels needs to be monitored. Accurate, repeatable thickness measurements can be acquired in volume, without the limitations of manual ultrasonic testing, or the high costs associated with fully wireless permanently installed monitoring systems.

What industries do we work in?

Systems deployed across the globe...

What could the WAND system enable for your asset?

More effective predictive maintenance decisions, thanks to repeatable, reliable data
Lower inspection budgets using our low-cost sensors
Acquire thickness measurements in otherwise difficult-to-access areas
Have personnel already on site acquire thickness measurements.