Case Studies

  • In-service corrosion monitoring of an 11-bar steam line using TRND - A solution for high-temperature spot thickness measurements on a series of steam expansion loops was sought by TATA Steel UK, with the requirement to monitor any changes in remaining wall thickness due to corrosion / erosion whilst in-service with no loss of productivity. The asset integrity team turned to the TRND system to overcome the […]
  • Tidal testing using WAND sensors - Inductosense, in partnership with EDF Energy, conducted a 6-month trial to demonstrate that the Inductosense WAND sensors could be used to accurately monitor tidal corrosion, and potentially replace traditional corrosion coupons. THE PROBLEM Tidal corrosion on the inside of wind turbine monopiles is a major risk for offshore wind turbine foundations, and can lead to […]
  • Erosion Monitoring using WAND Sensors - Inductosense conducted a 3 month trial on an erosion test rig at Petrobras. The purpose of the trial was to demonstrate that the WAND sensors can be used to accurately monitor erosion when applied under a layer of material such as a composite repair. THE PROBLEM Production pipelines in the Oil&Gas industry are susceptible to […]
  • Offshore Wellhead Production Line Monitoring using WAND Sensors - Inductosense, in partnership with Oceaneering, conducted an 8 month trial of the WAND system on a wellhead production line on a platform in the Caspian Sea, located off the eastern coast of Baku, Azerbaijan. The purpose of the trial was to demonstrate the repeatability, reliability, durability and accessibility of the WAND sensors and system within […]
  • Feasibility of WAND Sensors for Nuclear Power Plant Inspection - Hitachi in partnership with Inductosense, conducted testing to establish the suitability of the WAND sensors for monitoring pipe wall thickness on nuclear power plants. THE PROBLEM Piping systems on a nuclear power plant are subject to corrosion or erosion which cause thinning of the pipe wall. It is necessary to take thousands of thickness measurement […]
  • Monitoring under composite repair using WAND sensors - Inductosense, in partnership with a number of composite repair companies has validated the performance of the WAND sensors under composite repair. Design regulations are driving the need to seek a solution to monitor structures underneath composite wrap repairs and the Inductosense WAND system provides a solution for monitoring structures underneath composite wrap repairs. The system was tested […]