Monitoring of Composites

We are developing our battery-free, wireless ultrasonic sensing technology for monitoring defects within composites structures with potential applications across Aerospace, Automotive, Defence and Construction.

The use of composites across a number of industries is growing rapidly and NDT is essential to ensure safety as damage is not always visible (for example de-laminations, defects or cracks within layers of the structure). Composite structures are also complex (eg. with multiple layers or honeycomb structures) making conventional NDT difficult or in some cases impossible.

We are developing battery-free, wireless ultrasonic sensors to be both retrofitted to composite structures and also integrated into structures during the manufacturing process for the detection of defects. The sensors can be positioned on the underside of composite structures or within layers of the structure for monitoring of regions that are difficult or not possible with existing ultrasonic inspection methods. We can develop both ultrasonic bulk-wave and guided-wave sensors to meet the needs of specific applications. Please contact us for more information.