The CompWAND system


Our composites monitoring technology is supporting academia, research institutes, manufacturers, material suppliers and end-users. We offer a non-intrusive, semi-automated in-process and structural monitoring solution, that is cost-effective, simplified and digitized.


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Composite component size, complexity and throughput continues to increase, and in-process monitoring is essential to optimise process verification, and to reduce and minimise rework, waste and scrappage.

In-process monitoring methods, such as dielectric analysis, provide real-time composite cure information. These systems can be complex and time consuming to setup and not necessarily deployable at scale. Alternative, analysis reference sampling, such as Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), often only provides an in-direct representative measurement that doesn’t capture the actual cure behaviour.

Post manufacture, non-destructive testing (NDT) is essential to ensure safety, as manufacturing defects and damage is not always visible (for example delaminations, defects or cracks within layers of the structure). Composite structures are also complex (eg. with multiple layers or honeycomb structures) making conventional NDT difficult or in some cases impossible.

Our solution

The composite WAND development kit (CompWAND DevKit) system provides a cost-effective alternative approach to composite in-process and structural condition monitoring

CompM Sensors

Ultrasonic monitoring sensors

Ultrasonic monitoring sensors that are surface mounted and/or embedded within the composite laminate.

Battery-free - wirelessly activated

Ultra thin: easily embeddable & lightweight

Dual-functional use

- In-process monitoring

- Structural integrity monitoring

CompWAND Device

Portable device for composite monitoring

Portable data capture hardware with interactive UI that wirelessly powers-up and collects ultrasonic measurements from CompM sensors.

Easy to use, setup and implement – anyone can take a measurement, no specialist training required

Flexible reader coil cables to conform to structures

Suitable for laboratory and field trial use

DevKit Software

Composite monitoring software

DevKit software for real-time signal visualisation, monitoring and data collection from the sensors

User interface displays live continuous ultrasonic A-scan for structural feature monitoring

Analyse ultrasonic A-scans for in-process monitoring, defect detection and structural integrity status

Export raw data files

Battery-free, ultrasonic monitoring sensors are incorporated into the composite preform prior to cure or permanently installed to the surface of composite components/assemblies. These thin-profile specially designed sensors are wirelessly powered-up, through the structure (no wires or direct sensor-device contact), by our WAND portable devices and the ultrasonic data collected. The ultrasonic data is immediately interpreted and processed through the DevKit software to provide in-process monitoring and structural condition monitoring information.

How it works in composites:

An electromagnetic signal is transmitted by the CompWAND device, into the composite, which activates the embedded sensor

When activated, the sensor generates an ultrasonic pulse, which gets reflected off through-thickness features of the component (pulse-echo) being examined or propagates in-plane for area coverage structural monitoring  (pictured above).

An electromagnetic signal is returned by the sensor, which gets received by the CompWAND device.

The CompWAND device interprets the received signal and outputs the real-time ultrasonic signal and amplitude to denote a change in resin phase (during cure) or structural status.

Start your journey to streamlining your composite monitoring processes and structural monitoring with our evaluation development kit

CompWAND development kit

  • x20 CompM ultrasonic sensors
  • x1 CompWAND device
  • DevKit software
  • Training and direct support
  • Discounted pricing

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