Corrosion & Erosion Monitoring

Our battery-free, wireless sensing technology can be applied across a range of industries where corrosion or erosion of pipework or vessels needs to be monitored. We are working across a range of industries including Oil&Gas, Nuclear, Chemical, Mining and Renewables.

Digitisation of thickness measurement locations

Our intrinsically safe sensors can be applied to thickness measurement locations (TMLs) on an asset providing repeatable and RFID tagged ultrasonic thickness measurements. The data can be acquired by anybody and without the human error associated with manual ultrasonic NDT. Trending of the data can be performed using the IDM software to enable proactive decision making. The WAND technology is a cost-effective solution for permanent monitoring.

Monitoring under coatings, composite repair or insulation

The WAND sensors can be applied to a pipe or vessel surface underneath a layer of material up to a few centimeters thick. The ultrathin, battery-free, wireless sensor can be activated when the WAND data collector is brought nearby. This alleviates the need to remove the outer material to take a ultrasonic thickness measurement of the underlying structure, saving costs and downtime associated with stripping down the structure and enabling more frequent measurements to be taken.

Monitoring in difficult locations

Once the WAND sensors have been installed they can be activated by bringing the probe close by without the need for accurate alignment or coupling gels. The probe can be mounted on an extendable pole to take measurements quickly which alleviates the need for scaffolding, rope access or ladders. The WAND sensors can be installed on large flat surfaces (eg side of a pressure vessel), or in difficult to reach spaces. For wet or humid environments they can be fully protected using the coating provided.