Permanently installed battery-free, wireless sensors for monitoring corrosion and erosion


Inductosense has developed innovative ultrasonic sensing technology for non-destructive testing of structures. The Wireless and Non-Destructive System (known as WAND) can be used across a range of industries such as Oil&Gas, Nuclear, Wind and Aerospace to reduce inspection time, downtime and associated costs.


Once a WAND sensor is installed on a structure a repeatable measurement can be taken in a fraction of a second when a handheld measurement probe is brought nearby.


The compact WAND sensor can be installed to a structure underneath layers of material, such as coatings or cladding, and a measurement taken without removing the material.


The battery-free WAND sensor can be installed on a structure permanently for through-life monitoring and accurate trending of data (such as corrosion-rates).


The Inductosense technology consists of two parts – a compact, battery-free sensor and a handheld probe. The WAND sensor is entirely passive and the power and signal are provided remotely by non-contact inductive coupling from the probe. The first product from Inductosense is the WAND evaluation system for monitoring internal corrosion or erosion on pipework.


The WAND sensors can be used across a range of industries including Oil&Gas, Nuclear, Wind and Composites. They can be applied underneath composite repairs, coatings or insulation to monitor underlying pipework or applied in areas where other permanent monitoring solutions cannot go. They are also a cost effective solution for structures that require frequent monitoring.

About Us

Inductosense is a spin-out from the Ultrasonics and Non-Destructive Testing Group at the University of Bristol and was formed in 2015.