Simple & Repeatable Wall Thickness Monitoring with WAND

Cost-effective monitoring of internal corrosion and erosion

Inductosense designs and manufactures wireless ultrasonic sensor technology for accurate, cost-effective monitoring of internal corrosion and erosion in pipework and vessels.

Our technology is an embeddable wall thickness monitoring system that enables accurate, repeatable measurements at a fraction of the cost and time of alternative methods.

The WAND product range is modular, providing solutions that enable our customers to digitalise their data, whether they require manual or remote data capture.



WAND has been approved by 8 oil and gas majors. Our technology has also been deployed globally across mining, renewables, aerospace, nuclear and chemical industries.


Continuously advancing our WAND technologies in-house and collaboratively with organisations across a range of industries. The WAND technology has received over $10m of investment to meet industry digitalisation objectives.


Our team is made up of ultrasonic sensor technology specialists, who work closely with our partners and customers to understand the challenges associated with monitoring internal corrosion and erosion.

Our Products

Why Inductosense?

Reduce Inspection Campaigns

Use skeleton crew to collect data with WAND-HDC or log data remotely with the WAND-RDC.

Reduce Accessibility Costs

Reduce the need for rope access or scaffolding with the ECHO, Reach or RDC.

Measurements Through Coatings

Acquire readings without removing insulation, coatings or composite.

"The WAND system supports operators in reducing POB, risk, time and cost. More importantly it will support platforms in improving reliability and profitability."

- Head of Asset Integrity, Major Oil and Gas Operator