We enable digitisation of non destructive testing (NDT) measurements with novel wireless, battery-free permanently installed sensors, systems and analytics. Our technology can be used for monitoring corrosion, erosion or defects within structures without human error and reducing the time and costs associated with NDT.


A repeatable measurement can be taken in less than a second when the WAND data collector is brought near to the installed sensor.


Our battery-free sensors are thin enough to be installed under coatings, claddings, repairs or even embedded into the structure of a material.



Our RFID-tagged sensors are designed to be permanently installed on a structure for long term monitoring and accurate trending.


What we offer

Our technology consists of 3 components; (i) battery-free, RFID tagged, wireless ultrasonic sensors designed to be permanently installed onto a structure (ii) the WAND data collector to wirelessly activate and acquire the signal from the sensors (iii) the IDM software for data management/analysis and configuration of the WAND Data Collector.

Where we work

Our products can be used for monitoring of internal corrosion/ erosion of structures covering Oil&Gas, Nuclear, Mining and Renewables applications. We are also developing the technology to monitor various defects in composite structures.

Who we are

We are an innovative, academic and approachable team of engineers and industry experts.