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Simple & Repeatable Wall Thickness Monitoring

Upgrade UT inspection to fully digitalised corrosion monitoring, improving accuracy and reducing emissions & costs


About us

Inductosense delivers scalable cost-effective ultrasonic sensing solutions for monitoring internal corrosion and erosion. Operators and service providers across a range of industries rely upon our WAND (wireless and non-destructive) solutions to provide highly accurate wall thickness readings.

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The long-lasting relationships we build, and the successful projects we deliver globally, are a direct result of the ultrasonic expertise and support that we offer to our customers.

We work collaboratively with operators, service providers and OEMs to deliver cost-effective internal corrosion and erosion monitoring solutions

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The WAND system supports operators in reducing personnel on board, risk, time and cost. More importantly it will support platforms in improving profitability and lowering emissions.

Head of Asset Integrity | Major Oil & Gas Operator


Accurate and repeatable wall thickness measurements in a more efficient way


Reduce Inspection Campaigns

Quickly acquire accurate wall thickness data from an installed WAND sensors using the WAND data collectors and reduce the personnel required on site.


Decrease Accessibility Costs

Easily access thickness monitoring locations using the REACH, ECHO or RDC reducing the need for scaffolding, rope-access, or insulation removal.


Increase Monitoring Locations

The low cost and simple installation of the WAND system allows customers to monitor wall thickness widely across their asset, improving quality of data and safety.


Reduce Unplanned Shutdowns

The WAND system provides accurate internal corrosion rates over time to enable predictive maintenance.

Our Focus

Improving Efficiency

We support our customers to improve the efficiency of acquiring wall thickness measurements. With the WAND technology accurate, repeatable measurements can be acquired at a fraction of the cost and time compared to alternative methods.

Net Zero Objectives

We support our customers to achieve their net zero objectives by using the WAND technology. WAND reduces the need to travel to assets, extends the lifespan of pipework and vessels, and reduces unscheduled downtime, ultimately supporting the reduction of carbon emissions.

Flexible Digitalisation

We make the transition to fully digitalised UT measurements easy for our customers. Start acquiring data from installed WAND sensors using the handheld data collector and later upgrade to remote data collection and then fully online without the need to replace the sensor itself.

Integrated Solutions

Our engineers are solution driven, providing customers with the optimal WAND products for their thickness monitoring needs. We work with our customers to find the right solutions for both ageing assets and new builds. We also work with OEMs to integrate our technology into their products.


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