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Deepstar® Awards $1m Project To Inductosense To Develop A Cost-Effective Thickness Monitoring Solution For Subsea Based On Their WAND Technology

Deepstar has awarded a project to Inductosense to advance their patented WAND technology to enable subsea data collection, titled ‘Low-Cost Thickness Sensors for Subsea Applications’. This project aims to develop the existing prototype of Inductosense's Subsea WAND Module, making the device robust and compatible with commercial subsea ROV and AUV applications. As contributors to the project, Chevron and Petrobras are providing technical and business inputs to best adapt this technology for subsea oil and gas operations.

UK based Inductosense develops and manufactures ultrasonic sensor technologies for internal corrosion and erosion monitoring. The WAND technology is an embeddable wall thickness monitoring system that enables accurate, repeatable measurements at a fraction of the cost and time of alternative methods. Inductosense's WAND sensors are battery-free and permanently installed to pipework and structures. The data can then be collected using either a handheld device or a remote data collector. The WAND technology has now been approved by 9 oil and gas majors and deployed globally across mining, renewables, aerospace, nuclear and chemical industries.  

The Subsea WAND module prototype was previously successfully tested in an operational subsea environment at a depth of approximately 200m, a project funded and supported by Chevron. This new project will develop the subsea WAND module prototype into a commercial product that can withstand harsh underwater environments down to a depth of 3000m and operate effectively with a wide range of ROVs/AUVs.

The DeepStar® Program is an innovative, joint-industry technology development group that has established itself as a successful research consortium. DeepStar®, and their member companies, are committed to advancing deepwater technologies to increase production and reserves. The program also provides developers with invaluable insights from leading industry experts. Inductosense will benefit from Petrobras and Chevron’s support, ensuring the end product successfully fulfils industry needs.

"We are excited to be working on this DeepStar® project and expanding our capabilities to subsea" said Dr Matt Butcher, CEO of Inductosense. "This will enable us to provide more value to our customers in the offshore industry. This project is another example of our company's commitment to innovation, and ultimately supporting our customer’s in working towards their digitisation and Net Zero objectives”.

If you would like more information on Inductosense's WAND technology, get in touch:


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