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Inductosense partners with CSNRI to deliver smart composite repairs with embedded wall thickness monitoring

Bristol based ultrasonic solutions experts, Inductosense, have partnered with a leading composite wrap solutions company to deliver smart composite repairs with embedded wall thickness monitoring.

CSNRI composite repairs are installed to provide structural reinforcement to significantly corroded and thinned pipes, but it becomes challenging to inspect the remaining wall thickness.  The highly engineered repair systems delivered by CSNRI are made of proprietary cloth and resins for process piping and pipeline applications. ThermoWrap™, A+ Wrap™, Atlas™ and Clock Spring® composite wrap products have been evaluated with the Inductosense WAND technology.

The thin-profile Inductosense WAND sensors are battery free, require zero maintenance, and are embeddable. These unique features lend themselves to monitoring under CSNRI’s composite wrap applications. Permanently installing the Inductosense WAND sensors under composite wrap allows for wall thickness data to be acquired without the need for removal or re-installation of composite wrap- saving the customer time and money.

Inductosense CEO, Dr. Matt Butcher, said “We are very pleased to have formalised our collaboration with CSNRI, they have an in-depth understanding of the under-wrap use case for our technology, and therefore our value-add to end users. This year will also see the launch of new WAND products including the fully automated gateway solution; a game-changing product that will further enhance the customer’s ability to monitor under composite wrap.  We are looking forward to working with CSNRI to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of wrap applications on a global scale.”


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