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Inductosense unveil latest sensors capable of monitoring at 180°C

Inductosense, a leading innovator in non-destructive testing (NDT) technology, is proud to announce the launch of its latest sensors capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 180°C. These sensors mark a significant advancement in the field of NDT and are the result of an intensive three-year research and development effort.

The newly released sensors are set to revolutionize industries such as upstream and downstream oil and gas, nuclear, and mining by providing a simple and repeatable solution for high-temperature NDT applications. Designed to endure extreme conditions, they enable the monitoring and inspection of critical locations and structures in challenging environments.

Dr Matt Butcher, CEO of Inductosense, expressed his excitement about this significant milestone, saying, "Our team has dedicated years of hard work, research, and development to bring this ground-breaking technology to the market. These sensors are a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sensor innovation and addressing the unique needs of our customers in demanding industries."

Kim Ironside, Head of Global Partnerships and Marketing, adds “Based on feedback from our customers and partners there was a clear requirement for a thickness monitoring sensor that can operate at higher temperatures, particularly in refinery applications.

Inductosense is known for its simple and repeatable wall thickness monitoring technology. With the introduction of the new 180°Csensors, the company continues to demonstrate its leadership in the field of NDT technology.

The new sensors are ATEX approved for zone 0 uses. Dr Stefano Cuomo who has led the project for the past 2 years said “The ATEX certification is vital for our customers. It attests that our product is not going to generate any source of heat or ignition within the environment class is certified to.


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