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Handheld Data Collector (HDC)

An easy-to-use handheld device that wirelessly activates and collects a thickness reading from a TM sensor when in close proximity.

The interface displays the wall thickness, A-scan and sensor location information. The WAND is designed so that anyone can take an ultrasonic thickness measurement in the field, with the simple press of a button.

Technical Specifications

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Product Code WAND-HDC 
Weight 600g
Power Supply 12V
Data output  Lemo connector to USB
 Battery Type  Li-ion
 Signal Acquisition Time  1 second
 Thickness Calculation  First arrival and Peak-to-Peak
 RFID Reader  EU or US detection of sensor tags
 Certifications  CE and FCC

Included Items:
  1. Power charger with cable
  2. Data loading cable
  3. Testing Block with Sensor 4. Windows tablet with preinstalled iDART software
  4. Protective case 6. Operating manual