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WAND-Online Service

The WAND-Online service enables fully digitalised corrosion monitoring.  Accurate, real-time wall‑thickness measurements are accessible at your desk via the cloud-based iDART software, reducing the need for personnel on-site.

The WAND sensors are installed on the surface of pipework or vessels. The low profile design allows them to be embedded underneath coatings, insulation or composite repair. The WAND Remote Data Collectors (RDCs) acquire the thickness measurements from the sensors and temperature measurement at pre-defined intervals. The data is then sent via Bluetooth 5.0 to the Gateway which in turn transmits the data via 4G to the iDART software. Using the iDART software the user can access the data and also configure the RDCs.

WAND-Online is simple to set up, does not require an onsite WiFi network, provides accurate, trendable wall-thickness data without personnel needing to be on‑site.