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iDART Software

View and manage your WAND thickness data.

Inductosense Data Analysis and Reporting Toolkit (iDART) is a cloud-based software package for use with the Inductosense WAND system. iDART is available as both a desktop based and browser-based package, and enables configuration of your WAND devices, xas well as management and analysis of your WAND thickness data.

Technical Specifications

Product Code iDART
Requirements (iDART Desktop version)
Operating System Windows 10+ or later (64 bit)
Processor Intel i3 or equivalent
RAM 2.00 GB or greater
Hard Drive Space Approx. 300MB
Ports/Connection USB port required for WAND-HDC connection Bluetooth 5.0 dongle provided for WAND-RDC connection
Requirements (iDART Browser version)
Browser Latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and/or Microsoft Edge
Functionality All features except data collector connection