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Case Study

Onshore Oil Well - Sand Erosion

Customer: Oil and gas producer

Industry: Onshore production

Structures: Oil wells

Operating temperature: Ambient

Type of degradation: Sand erosion

Frequency of inspection: Once/month – Once/year

Their challenges

The customer was looking to optimize personnel productivity and was therefore seeking technologies that could help their staff do more, whilst saving time and costs in the process.

Online monitoring solutions were not feasible due to the wells being remote. As a result, there was a need for technology that did not rely on wireless infrastructure.

Sand erosion rate was not being accurately monitored using the customer’s conventional methods. A permanently installed solution was required to provide precise, repeatable thickness data, enabling them to accurately determine the rate of erosion.

Our solution

WAND sensors were installed at multiple locations on the customer’s well assets. Thickness data was collected by maintenance technicians using the WAND, as part of their routine tasks. Data could then be downloaded from the WAND to the software, and shared with colleagues once they had access to the internet.

How did they benefit from the WAND?

Using the WAND data collector, maintenance technicians were able to collect thickness data easily and efficiently as part of their routine tasks. This has helped to optimize productivity, whilst reducing the demand for specialist NDT personnel – saving significant costs

Using the permanently installed WAND sensors, repeatable, high quality thickness measurements were acquired, enabling accurate internal erosion rate trending, at a fraction of the cost and hassle of conventional online systems