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Remote Data Collector (RDC)

WAND-RDC activates TM sensors automatically at predefined intervals or on demand, it then transmits the data wirelessly via long range Bluetooth 5.0.

The WAND Remote Data Collector (WAND-RDC) is an intrinsically safe, battery powered device designed to be used with up to 8 WAND TM sensors.

The WAND-RDC is configured using the Inductosense Data Analysis and Reporting Toolkit (iDART) software. Using iDART, the WAND-RDC can be prompted to retrieve live thickness readings, and also programmed to schedule automatic data collection at predefined intervals.

The WAND-RDC collects and logs thickness measurements, which can then be retrieved wirelessly by Bluetooth 5.0 at a range of up to 200m, making it ideal for difficultaccess locations. The data can then be transferred to the iDART cloud with access to the internet.

Technical Specifications

Product Code iDART
Dimensions Requirements (iDART Desktop version)
Dimensions 19cm x 13cm x 9cm
Weight 1.15kg
Dimensions (reader coil) 7.5cm OD, 0.3cm thick
Reader coil cable length 2 metres
Wireless communication Bluetooth 5.0
Wireless range 200m (line of sight)
Port configuration 8 x WAND sensor ports; 1 x thermocouple; 1 USB
Device storage 1500 readings (at one time)
Battery life 5 year minimum (based on 8 readings per day at 20°C)
Operating temperature Min: -20°C / Max: 70°C
Environmental temperature Min: -40°C / Max: 70°C
IP rating IP66
Certifications V1: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (Ta = -20°C to +40°C) V2: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (Ta = -40°C to +70°C)
Data retrieval method Via Bluetooth 5.0 USB dongle