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WAND Sensors

Thin, embeddable, permanently installed, battery-free ultrasonic sensors.

The WAND sensors are designed to be permanently installed on the surface of pipework and vessels to provide reproducible thickness readings free of human-error. Each sensor comes with an RFID for traceability and automated data management.

Inductosense offers the standard TM sensor, where the measurement point is in the centre of the sensor, or alternatively the offset TM sensor, where the measurement point is offset to the side for monitoring in places such as next to welds.

Technical Specifications

The TM Sensor comes in several configurations.

Inductosense will recommend a design depending on the particular set of conditions such as temperature, material wall thickness, diameter, and curvature of the material.

Product Code TMS-B5R (V4) TMS-S5R (V6) TMS-B5R-H2
Dimensions 65mm OD, 1mm thick 65mm OD, 1mm thick 65mm OD, 1mm thick
Weight 6.5g 6.5g 6.5g
Operating Frequency 5MHz 5MHz 5MHz
Minimum Thickness* 5mm 3.5mm+ 5mm
Maximum Thickness* Up to 150mm Up to 50mm Up to 150mm
Minimum specimen diameter** 90mm 50mm 90mm
Transducer active area 5x12.5mm 4x5mm 5x12.5mm
Minimum operating temperature -40°C -40°C -40°C
Maximum operating temperature*** 130°C 130°C 180°C
Sensor resolution <0.05mm <0.05mm <0.05mm
Certifications Ex ia IIC T4…T3 Ga (Ta = -40°C to +130°C/+150°C) Ex ia IIC T4…T3 Ga (Ta = -40°C to +130°C/+150°C) Ex ia IIC T4...T3 Ga Ta= -40°C to +120°C/+180°C

* Specifications based on flat plate measurements at room temperature, may vary under operating conditions.
** For a straight pipe. The geometry affects the minimum diameter.
*** Above 90˚C, the minimum thickness that can be characterised by the sensor will increase. Please contact us for more details.
+ A sensor with the following specification is available on request:
Minimum thickness of 2mm / Maximum thickness of up to 20mm / Maximum operating temperature of up to 110°C