The WAND system

The WAND system offers operators a non-intrusive, semi-automated or automated corrosion monitoring solution, that is cost-effective, simplified and digitised


Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements on pipework and vessels provide an invaluable insight into internal corrosion and erosion activity on an asset such as an oil rig. Thickness data helps the operator to assess the condition of the asset and monitoring the rate of thickness loss can enable predictive maintenance, which in turn helps to optimize operations and reduce costs.

Thickness data is typically acquired using manual ultrasonic testing (UT), which requires skilled inspectors onsite, or remotely by using permanently installed UT sensors. There are challenges with both these methods:

Our solution - WAND

The Wireless And Non-Destructive (WAND) system from Inductosense provides an alternative, modular approach to internal corrosion and erosion monitoring.