The WAND Remote Data Collector (WAND-RDC) system is a wireless thickness monitoring solution for pipework and vessels that is based on around our WAND passive sensor technology.


The WAND-RDC utilizes long range Bluetooth5 to enable wireless monitoring at up to 200m away without the hassle of setting up a network. The system is designed to work with sensors embedded underneath coatings and insulation. There are 3 key elements:

TMS Sensors

Ultrasonic thickness sensors

Ultrasonic thickness sensors that are permanently installed to the surface of pipework and vessels using adhesive.

Battery-free - wirelessly activated

Ultrathin: easily embeddable & lightweight

RFID tagged

ATEX/IECEx certified (ATEX: Ex ia IIC T4...T3 Ga)


Remote data collector

Battery powered remote monitoring device designed to work with the TMS sensors. The WAND-RDC will acquire thickness readings automatically from the sensors at pre-defined intervals or on demand (configured wirelessly)

  5 year battery life

  Bluetooth5 enabled, up to 200m wireless range (line of sight)

  Collects data from up to 8 installed sensors using reader pads

  ATEX Zone 0 - certification pending


Data management software

Cloud based software for remote management of the data collected from the sensors

Configure WAND-RDC

Undertake live readings and scheduling

Analyse ultrasonic A-scans and determine corrosion/erosion rates

Export raw data and reports

How it works

The WAND-RDC is based on the same WAND principle of inductive coupling to passive, battery-free ultrasonic embeddable sensors. The device uses coupling pads to wirelessly connect to underlying sensors. Up to 8 sensors can be used with a WAND-RDC unit. The thickness measurement data from the sensors is collected automatically by the device and can then wireless transferred to a tablet by Bluetooth5 at a distance of up to 200m away.


We provide accessories to complement the WAND system. These have been designed to help overcome access issues:


Our innovative solution for taking measurements through insulation.


An extension pole for the WAND to enable measurements at height.