Who we are

We are an ultrasonic sensor technology company made up of a dynamic team of industry specialists. We pride ourselves on the performance of our technology, as well as our commitment to customer support.

A company that stemmed from an innovative idea - the WAND solution was developed and patented back in 2014 at the Ultrasonics and Non-Destructive Testing Group in the University of Bristol. Since then, we have had sensors deployed in volume across the globe.

What we do

We design, develop and manufacture in-house permanently installed, semi-automated internal corrosion and erosion monitoring systems for asset integrity. We provide our customers with a full selection of sensing, data acquisition and data analysis options to help them effectively manage internal corrosion and erosion.

Our services include:

Training and support

Correct installation of the sensors is essential in order to provide reliable ultrasonic thickness measurements over time. We offer comprehensive training in the installation of sensors and use of the WAND system and software, as well as installation support in the field.

Technical support

We can provide technical support for WAND system trials and deployments. This includes interpretation and analysis of your measurement data, as well as system configuration and troubleshooting.

R&D product development

We can develop the WAND technology to meet the needs of specific applications. For example, the technology can be tailored to larger probe-sensor distances, different ultrasonic frequencies, various types of structure. Our software can also be developed for integration with other asset management systems or different reporting formats.

Please contact us to discuss your application.

Why choose Inductosense?

We have deployed systems globally, with proven results

We tailor our solutions to all manner of customer-specific requirements

We have refined our technology to help our customers meet their digitization and net zero emmisions objectives

We are a customer-focused team, with a commitment to customer support

We are armed with industry-leading research, development & testing expertise